Pabstolutely 7: A Raging Success

LOWER EAST SIDE OF YOUNGSTOWN: On Saturday September 13, 2014, Music and Pabst Blue Ribbon flowed at the Pabstolutely Fest, with all proceeds benefiting Golden String Inc. and The bands were loud and definitely rocked on a crisp late summer Saturday. Special thanks goes out to:

Joe Stilson ( DJ): Pabstolutely commissioner
BJ Lisko: Creator of the official program
John and Sue Kennedy: Proprietors of the Royal Oaks
Louie Kennedy: Proprietors of the Royal Oaks
Tom Smith ( DJ): Volunteering at door
Walter “Butch” Brown ( DJ): Volunteering at door
John Vivo: Volunteering at Door
Lisa Antonini: Chinese Auction
Mark Hancock ( DJ): Volunteer of Everything
Sally Williams Wachuck ( DJ): PBR Tent
Clifford Wachuck: PBR Tent
Jill Perencevic and Megan Calvarusso: General Help
Roxana Lenz, Justin Arroyo, and Debbie Lenz (Artisitc Demongraphics): Donations!
Bill and Sherry Bowser: Great food and a generous donation
Sonya Danks: Permits
Hubbard Music: Sound
Jim Phillips: Stage and tent
Chris Williams and Jason Vaughn: Stage Help

A huge thank you goes out to all the bands and vendors (and Royal Oaks staff members)! Its great to see so many of our DJs volunteering! You have large, muscial, hearts! Givin’ is Livin’!
—-Jimmy Sutman

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