Golden String, Purple Cat, and Johnson Controls Start Composting

This summer Golden String Inc. was the recipient of a grant through Johnson Controls to start a composting program.

On June 17, employees of Johnson Controls (including Golden String Board Member, Luke Liguore) helped Purple Caters (David Filicky, Gregory Beers, Anthony Carelli, David Farkus, and others) build a six bay cement block composting system.

Golden String, Purple Cat, and the Mahoning County Green Team will now collaborate on a composting program and visit local restaurants to collect composting materials such as coffee grounds, vegetable remains, and egg shells. The compost will be used to fertilize the Purple Cat gardens which include peppers, tomatoes, garlic, corn, onions, squash, and pumpkins.

Please call Megan at 330-207-2338 if you know of a restaurant that would like to participate or you have any questions.

Green Scene Summer 2016: Check out Compost Happens in Volume VIII, Issue 3, an e-mail publication of The Mahoning County Solid Waste District.